The I-95 & SR 896 Interchange project is a significant DelDOT transportation project that will improve the operations of the I-95 and SR 896 interchange by creating directional flyover ramps and improving the merging and diverging of the SR 896 traffic on and off of I-95. The primary objective of this project is to improve the safety and traffic operations of the I-95 and SR 896 interchange in order to maintain mobility for local and through traffic, while not adversely affecting the operational performance of the I-95 Newark Toll Plaza. Planned construction includes reconfiguration of existing interchange ramps, widening of I-95 northbound and southbound, widening and rehabilitation of existing bridges on I-95 and SR 896, and construction of new bridges, retaining walls, sign structures, and lighting. Major construction will begin in May 2023.

Board 15 Proposed Improvements

Existing Interchange Planned Interchange

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