The project area lies along an essential Mid-Atlantic section of the much broader I-95 corridor, holding national and regional significance for East Coast passenger and freight movement. This section serves as a critical part of the local, regional, and national multimodal system within northern Delaware, supporting connections such as: Amtrak; SEPTA; CSXT; and Philadelphia International, BWI, Wilmington Philadelphia Regional and New Castle Airports. SR 896 (South College Avenue) is a state roadway that runs north from the unincorporated community of Boyd’s Corner to the Maryland state line, northwest of the City of Newark (City). SR 896 is also the primary north-south route for traffic travelling to and from the City from areas to the south, such as Glasgow, the US 40 corridor, and Middletown.

Plans for a road along the I-95 corridor, through Wilmington to the Pennsylvania border, predate the Interstate Highway System (IHS). After the Delaware Memorial Bridge was built in 1951, the Delaware Turnpike was proposed between the bridge approach and the Maryland border to alleviate traffic congestion on parallel US 40. With the creation of the IHS in 1956, both roads were incorporated into I-95. Construction began in 1957 and ended in 1963.

Numerous improvements to Delaware’s segment of I-95 have been made since its original construction, and the I-95 & SR 896 interchange is no exception. DelDOT has completed several projects in recent years to rectify minor deficiencies at the interchange or adjust lane configurations on I-95:

DelDOT Project Timeline


Addressed geometric deficiencies on SB I-95 to SB SR 896 exit ramp (Ramp C)


Signing and pavement marking changes to provide E-ZPass priority lane on SB I-95


Reconstruction of I-95 Newark Toll Plaza and geometric changes to separate NB and SB high-speed E-ZPass lanes


Bridge maintenance for SR 896 overpass including deck rehabilitation


Emergency work to rectify cross-slope deficiencies on the SB I-95 to SB SR 896 exit ramp and add signage along NB I-95 in Maryland to direct vehicles traveling to Newark to exit at MD 279 instead of SR 896


Signing and pavement marking changes to make NB 896 travel lane drop at NB I-95 exit ramp to allow SB I-95 to NB SR 896 ramp to enter as a lane addition to eliminate the short acceleration lane and improve safety of the merge in the PM peak